Server Problems Resolved (well nearly)

At last the DNS record problem has been resolved (I hope). The problem was with my misreading some help on my domain provider's site and configuring the nameservers incorrectly. The correct nameservers have now been configured and are steadily replacing the incorrect ones around the world - we're getting about 85% coverage as I write this. Thanks are due to, hostworld tech support.

Similarly the correct "A" records pointing to GitHub's servers are spreading at around the same rate, so hopefully by the end of today everything should be working normally.

Changes with new server

The primary, canonical, domain for the site is now Unlike on the old server, https is enforced. Any URLs using the http protocol will automatically be rewritten to https. Further, the www sub-domain, while still supported, is rewritten without the www prefix before being resolved. Consequently the following addresses, will be rewritten as


Another change is that still takes you to the same website as before but the URL is now rewritten as Why? Well GitHub has been told that now has a custom domain, and that's

What you shouldn't be seeing

By the end of 2021-12-13 UTC, if anyone is still seeing the site, with a warning like this at the top of each page:

or, even worse, like this:

then please force refresh your browser's cache (often Ctrl+F5 or whatever the Mac uses). If the correct page still isn't displayed then you could try erasing your DNS cache (here's how) and refresh your browser again. If the correct page still does not display then please let me know in the comments below, and say where in the world you are.

Fingers xd!


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