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A Fix for TWebBrowser's Irritating Click Sound

For a a long time now, my CodeSnip program's propensity to make little clicking noises when some pages are displayed or some internal links are clicked has been irritating me to death. Of course, this is because CodeSnip uses Delphi's TWebBrowser control to display the main part of its UI: and TWebBrowser wraps the Internet Explorer display engine, and that's where the well known clicks come from. Many people say that the click is part of the expected user experience, but while I agree for apps that present a noticeably web inspired interface, I don't think it's helpful in apps like CodeSnip that simply use the browser control as a way of diplaying a richly formatted user interface: users aren't supposed to even know there's a browser control there. Any road up, I've finally found how to turn off the dreaded click using a proper API rather than a kludge that hacks about the registry. I've seen this solution discussed for VB and C#, but not for D