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PasHi Pascal Syntax Highlighter v2.2.1 released [BUGFIX]

Just released a bug fix to my Pascal Syntax Highlighter: v2.2.1. Actually, the fix is in the GUI front end, PasHiGUI. A couple of bugs got fixed: Pressing F1 when a menu is dropped down raised an exception - down to the Delphi VCL's help system being a little over "helpful"! The About Box was displaying an incorrect version number for the compatible version of the required Pascal Highlighter command line program. Nothing major, but could be worth an update if you use PasHiGUI, but not if you only use PasHi, the command line program. You can get the update from the GitHub release page . To find out more about PasHi , see its web page and the docs it links to.

Version Information Editor v2.14 released

This is the first release in nearly 8 years of this niche little tool that I wrote to manage updating of version information resources. I've added support for macros this time, mainly so I can drag in version numbers stored in external files. I use it all the time in by build tool chain, but I expect its use may be a trifle limited! You can get release 2.14.0 from GitHub . The source code is also available from GitHub in the delphidabbler/vied repo, but be warned, it's a real mess & I'm very, very ashamed of it. The code started out in 1998 as a 16 bit program written with Delphi 1. Given how rarely I update it, I've just kept adding kludge upon bodge! 🤮

Unit2NS v0.1.2-beta Released

Just released a bug fix update of my little Unit2NS application that looks up which unit scope a given unit belongs to. This fixes a memory leak and corrects some error message formatting. Because of the memory leak fix, this is a recommended update . Grab a copy of v0.1.2-beta from the project's Releases page on GitHub. Read about the project on its web page  and get the source from the delphidabbler/unit2ns project on GitHub.

System Information Unit 5.14.0 released

It's the 1st of the month, so it's time to release another monthly update of my System Information Unit. Release 5.14.0 updates TPJOSInfo  to add support for detecting the preview release of Windows 10 22H2; various revisions of Windows 11 development, beta & preview channel releases made in July 2002; and the new alternative build of Windows 11 22H2 beta. I've also tweaked the description of some of the Windows 11 Dev and Beta channel releases in light of new information. You can  download this release from GitHub . Just scroll down to the Assets section to either grab the source code or download a zip file containing the official release files.