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Time to start on a new application, but what?

It's been years since I started to develop a new application in Delphi and it's about time I did - I'm feeling the need for an injection of enthusiasm that simply maintaining old code doesn't provide. Now, love making music, so I guess that's the way this application is headed. There are a couple of possibilities that I'm considering. A tool to help generate .sfz open sampler format files used by samplers such as Sforzando . Those little beasts are pigs to code by hand and the few existing tools don't meet my needs. Because this is a coding blog, I guess I ought to show some SFZ code: I'm curious about generating music from mathmetical sequences (yes, really). I suppose this appeals to me because I'm both a maths graduate and an amateur musician The apps on the net I've come across aren't very musical or aren't intuitive to use. Maybe I should have a crack at something like that. To give you an idea