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CodeSnip v4.17.0 released

I've just release CodeSnip v4.17.0 You can find details over on the CodeSnip Blog .

Oooo ... A New Theme

Thought it was about time the old blog got a bit of a dusting off and was brought screaming into 2020, or 2015 at the least. I chose the new theme to be mobile friendly, because the old one wasn't. Other than making it look similar in colour to, and tweaking a few fonts, it's pretty much a standard Blogger template. I'm sure I'll get to know if people hate it!!

DelphiDabbler Code Library Docs Restored

All the DelphiDabbler Code Library documentation that was lost when the old site closed down has now been added to the ddab-code-lib project on GitHub. That means all the library documentation is now available in the same place for the first time ever. Despite a lot of checking, there may still be some broken links within the documentation. If you find any please report them on the documentation issues page (GitHub account required) . One day I may move the documentation back onto, but there are more pressing things to attend to at the moment. And the main thing is that it's all available. The remaining problem is that some documentation links are out there that relied on a URL redirection service on That service died with the old site. I'm looking into getting it up and running again.

Some broken website links fixed

Google have told me that several really old links to pages on are still in use and have been causing 404 errors on the new site. The old site had redirected them to newer URLs, but despite returning the correct "moved permanently" HTTP status codes, many decade old links have persisted. I've managed to put redirects in place for some of them, but some have defeated me. Still, most of the old links now take users somewhere sensible!

Console Application Runner Documentation now available

It's been a bit of a slog, but the documentation for the DelphiDabbler Console Application Runner classes has at last been ported to the delphidabbler/ddab-lib-docs repo on GitHub. There are lots of examples of how to use the classes in the docs. View the docs