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Code Snippets Database Version Support - Update

Back in September in gave notice that I was going to cease supporting CodeSnip versions up to and inlcuding v2 when adding new snippets to my Code Snippets Database (see my post " Code Snippets Database Version Support "). This post is just to confirm that the last updates to the database that will be visible in CodeSnip versions 1 and 2 have just been released today . This also means that the online version of the database, which has similar characteristics to CodeSnip 2 , will no longer be able to "see" new database updates. So, if you want to keep on getting or viewing updates to the database you need to do one of: Update to the latest version of the CodeSnip program. View the snippets using the new Code Snippets Database – Take 2 web app, which is in early beta at present. If it's new year's eve where you live, have a happy new year!

CodeSnip source now moving to GoogleCode

Well, I've migrated the CodeSnip project to SourceForge's new Allura forge, and I think the Subversion repo software stinks! Lots of external links into the repo that I rely on in documentation can't be made to work as I want and the whole repo support seems badly thought out to me. So, I'm planning to move the repo to GoogleCode , which at least I know quite well because I host some other projects there. I'm afraid this means that the migration will take even longer than I suspected - sorry for that if you're waiting to use the repo. I'll post again as promised once the new links are active. For the time being, downloads and bugs / feature requests will still be kept on SourceForge. UPDATE (3rd Jan 2013): All the changes to CodeSnip 's hosting are now complete - more info .

CodeSnip project moving home on SourceForge

Over the next few days SourceForge will be migrating the CodeSnip project to their new "Allura" forge. If you access CodeSnip 's Subversion source code repository or download CodeSnip updates from SourceForge you will find that the project may not be available at times. UPDATE 1: CodeSnip's source is now going to be moved to GoogleCode . See " CodeSnip source moving to GoogleCode " for more info. UPDATE 2: All the changes to CodeSnip 's hosting are now complete - details . Once the migration is complete the URLs used to access the Subversion repo will change. Once the new URLs are working I will post them here and on CodeSnip 's download page on my website. Sorry about the interuption but SourceForge have given notice that all projects now need to be migrated. I just hope the glitches I noted in my mini review a few posts ago have been fixed.