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CodeSnip v4.21.2 Released (minor bug fix)

Just released  CodeSnip  v4.21.2, which is a minor bug fix release. Updating is strongly recommended but not essential. Full details of this release are discussed in detail over on the  CodeSnip blog . ⏬ Download the new release from the  v4.21.2 release page  on GitHub.

Simple little app to view the SWAG archive

I was casting around looking for something new to write in Delphi 11 when it struck me that there hasn't been an easy way to view the SWAG archive since I took down the viewer from my website and, well, archived the archive! Now I can't imagine there's going to be much demand to view this rather ancient archive of Delphi & Turbo Pascal code, so I'm not spending too much time on this. So, here's v0.1.0 of SWAGView for your delight and delectation: SWAGView v0.1.0 running on Windows 11 👉 You can grab a copy from the program's  releases page . 👉 There's also some brief  online help  and a  web page . 👉 The source code is on GitHub in the  ddabapps/swagview  repo. ⚠️ Be aware that SWAGView doesn't come with a bundled copy of SWAG - you need to download that from the SWAG GitHub repo and then install it from within the program. Full instructions here .

System Information Unit v2.23.0 released

It's the 1st of July, so it's time for another update to my System Information Unit. Once again TPJOSInfo has been updated to detect the various Windows 10 & 11 builds and revisions released during the previous month, June 2023. Grab this release from the project's GitHub  releases page .