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Opening a command line terminal from Windows Explorer

I'm sure that I'm not the only one who gets irritated when opening a terminal window from the Windows start menu that the first thing I have to do is cd out of my user directory into wherever I want to be. On my old Win 7 machine I had an Explorer extension that let me open a command line in the selected directory. I don't have that on my current Win 10 machine. Neither do I want to do some registry editing nonsense to enable it. So imagine the joy when I discovered this hack yesterday: In Windows Explorer select the folder where you want to open a command line terminal window. Select the folder in the left hand pane. Type cmd in the address bar. Press enter, and voila! Wow ... wish I'd known that a few years ago. Now, if I'm the only one in the world who doesn't know this already apologies for wasting your time! And yes, I'm still using cmd.exe , and no, I don't use PowerShell. And yes, I'm an old fart resisting change. But I&

Arrgh! Silly error ends in another little System Information Unit update

When I published v5.6.1 of the System Information Unit a couple of days back, I failed to catch another strange error in v5.6.0. As a result I've pushed out another bug fix today: v5.6.2. What error? Well it's a weird one - somehow I introduced a different version of the dash character into the some of the comments in PJSysInfo.pas - I think I copied and pasted the comments from a website. I fixed it by replacing the dashes with ASCII "-" characters. Who cares? Anyone using an old pre-Unicode version of Delphi should care, because it's entirely possible that the compiler will choke on such a character. I haven't tested it because I don't have such a beast. But better safe than sorry - this would be a pig of a bug to catch a few months down the line. I only noticed it because SourceTree's diff viewer couldn't display the characters. Well that's an hour I won't get back! Get the update from SourceForge .

New System Information Unit release supports latest Win OSs

Yesterday (2021-09-12) I released a couple of updates to the System Information Unit - v5.6.0 and v5.6.1. v5.6.0 adds support for detecting new Windows versions announced since the previous release last October 31st. Specifically: Windows 10 Version 21H1 Windows 10 Version 21H2 (due late 2021) DEV, Insider preview and beta releases of Windows 11 Windows 2018 Server Versions 2004 and 20H2 Windows 2022 Server Version 21H2 A new method was added to get an OSs revision number from the registry. This is TPJOSInfo.RevisionNumber . There were a few other minor changes. Take a look at the change log for more information. v5.6.1 followed a few hours later and simply marked a few more class methods as inline . This release also added details of v5.6.0 to the change log that got missed in the previous release and tweaked some other docs. v5.6.1 can be downloaded from SourceForge .

New v4.18.0 of CodeSnip has Delphi 11 Support

I've just released a new version of CodeSnip  that adds support for detecting and automatically compiling snippets using the new Delphi 11 Alexandria compiler. For more info see my post on the CodeSnip blog .

Some Features of the Upcoming Delphi 11 (probably)

Before we start, please note that I'm discussing, by special permission, a pre-release product that is subject to change. (Image used by permission) So here's a brief list of what we can (hopefully) expect in Delphi/C++ Builder/RAD Studio 11: High DPI support in the IDE. Design time previews of VCL styles. An improved rich edit control in the VCL - I'm looking forward to that one! Native ARM compilation for Delphi on Macs. An Edge Chromium powered web browser control for FMX. If you want to know more then you can register for a sneak preview event  on 9th September.