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Moving on

Update: The site is no longer closing! Some of the changes below may still happen, but the site itself is staying up. See this post for details. Keep an eye on this blog for updates. You may have noticed that I've not done any programming or updates to for quite a long time. Neither have I been active here. I keep telling myself that I'll get round to maintaining and modernising the site, but the hard fact is I won't. So I'm announcing that will get few if any more updates and will close in one year. I've just renewed the web space for another year ... it will expire on 15 June 2020 and after that the site will be gone. I will try - no promises - to do one final release of CodeSnip that removes it's dependency on the web server. I will be retaining ownership of for at least a while longer because I'm dependent on it for email. The plan is to point it at my GitHub account and to move more stuf