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New host for DelphiDabbler (part 2)

The site on the old server has now been taken down, so if you are getting any "can't find server" errors when accessing its time to flush your DNS cache . The migration seems to have gone well and I've cleared up what glitches I have found. If you've found an error you can burst my bubble by emailing me about the problem on teet&#104ing [at] delphidabbler [d&#111t] com So, with a bit of luck, it's back to Delphi coding soon!

New New Wiki Wiki

Forgot to mention before, but there's now a wiki at . It's currently being used for a series of FAQs about some of my Delphi Library components and units. The hope is that others may add to it. You can also leave new questions there. At present there are FAQs for: About Box Component Console Application Runner Classes Drop Files Components Message Dialog Components I may also use the wiki for some program documentation at some point.

New host for DelphiDabbler

As of today has moved to a new web host. The nameservers have been updated and the relocated site should start to appear over the next couple of days. Why the move? . Down to money really. This is a non commercial site with falling advertising revenue (albeit with increasing traffic!) and my old web host hiked the price while admittedly providing a host of new features. Consequently I've had a shop around and shaved nearly £90 off the price while retaining all the features I need. The site does seem a little less responsive than it was, but for me that's a price worth paying (or not paying) in the current financial climate. There are no changes to the site itself - both and still work as before. There may be a few teething problems because I've had to make some behind the scenes changes to suit the new host setup. If you find any problems please let me know by emailing teet&#104ing [at] delphidabbler [d&a