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CodeSnip 5 - Proposed Feature Removal

I'm getting on with developing CodeSnip v5 and have been thinking of ditching some features that have struck me as particularly useless. These are all features I haven't used personally since CodeSnip v1. They are: The Save Snippet option from the File menu. The related Copy Snippet option from the View menu. Before I delete the features I'm looking for some feedback as to whether anyone uses them and can't live without them. If you want to keep them in v5 please get in touch. If I don't hear any howls of protest, the features are going to go! Let me know what you think either by commenting or sending me a message via my website's contact page . What follows is a little overview of what the features do. All these options do is to generate something like the following and either put it on the clipboard or write it to file: { * This code snippet was generated by DelphiDabbler CodeSnip Release 4.8.0 on * Mon, 16 Sep 2013 16:53:57 GMT. It is made available

Code Snippets Database - Final call for CodeSnip v1 & v2 users

At the end of December last year I blogged that new snippets added to the Code Snippets Database would no longer be visible when the database was viewed with CodeSnip v1 and v2. Despite CodeSnip 1 and 2 being prevented from viewing new snippets any existing snippets continued to have bug fixes applied. But today that all changed and from now on the database is frozen with respect to these programs: the database will still be available for download, but it will never change. Also from today any original v0 beta releases of CodeSnip will no longer be able to even download the database - tying to do so will generate an error. If you're one of the few remaining users of these early CodeSnip versions please update . BTW I'm not pulling support for these old version out of spite. It's just that the Code Snippets database is being overhauled and maintaining support for these old programs is no longer viable.