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All Articles Now on - at last

At long last I've finally converted all the article PDFs exported from the old website to HTML5 and uploaded them to . Also, all the demo projects related to the articles have now been uploaded to the delphidabbler/article-demos project on GitHub. And finally, the temporary delphidabbler/articles GitHub repo, that was used to store the PDF versions of the articles, was removed. That was a long haul!

System Information Unit v5.12.0 released

In what is starting to look like a series of monthly releases, my System Information Unit has been updated to v5.12.0. This release enables detection of various Windows 11 Dev & Beta releases made during May 2022. I've also done some refactoring to make the operating system identification code a little easier to read - just a little mind you! What is more, the System Information Unit now has (another) new home on GitHub. The code has been split out of the monolithic delphidabbler/ddablib project and now has its own repository on GitHub - see ddablib/sysinfo . This change makes it possible to use the the GitHub release system to provide access to releases. You can download this release from GitHub . Just scroll down to the Assets section to either grab the source code or download a zip file containing the official release files. You can still get this, and earlier, releases from SourceForge if you prefer.