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Eye Candy Time: New DelphiDabbler website logo.

Now that is celebrating its 20th anniversary I thought it was about time to retire the old and very tired favicon and roll out these shiny new ones. Which version you see depends on the on the display size: For 16x16 and 32x32 icons For 128x128, 180x180 and 192x192 icons That old icon has been sitting there looking uninspiring since at least 2011. It dates back to when favicons were actual .ico files and had to be 16x16 pixels: Oo, exciting. Ah well, fun over. Back to documenting my code library!

System Information Unit v5.15.0

It's the 2nd of September and this month's update of my System Information Unit is now available - a whole day late! Release 5.15.0 updates  TPJOSInfo  to add support for detecting the latest Windows 11 Dev channel releases along with Beta and Release Preview   revisions of  Windows 11 22H2. You can  download this release from GitHub . Just scroll down to the Assets section to either grab the source code or download a zip file containing the official release files.