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Some Impacts Of Forthcoming Site Closure

Update: The site is no longer closing! Some of the changes below may still happen, but the site itself is staying up. See this post for details. Keep an eye on this blog for updates. Now that the 15 June date for closure of is less than 6 months away I thought it was time to set out some of the implications. Here are the main issues: The wiki at will go away. This means that some documentation, FAQs and various useful notes will be lost. In particular the online help for some of my Delphi Code Library will disappear. Some of the docs have been moved to GitHub , but many haven't. I doubt there will be time to move any more. There may be time to save some FAQs and to GitHub but it can't be guaranteed. The CodeSnip program will loose access to some of the webservices it uses. There's a separate blog post about this. The online version of the Code Snippets Database will be lost. But all the code should still be available to user