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CodeSnip 4.16.0 Released

The long-promised version 4.16.0 of CodeSnip has been released. This important release removes the program's dependency on web services. See the CodeSnip Blog for details.

Released SWAG Collection v1.0.0

I've just released the DelphiDabbler edition of the old 1997 SWAG collection of Pascal source code and programming examples. What's SWAG? Here's what the original maintainer of the collection said about it: "SWAG is a collection of source code and program examples for the Pascal programming language. The material has been donated by various Pascal programmers from around the world who desire to contribute to the advancement of one of the greatest programming languages there is. SWAG packets are available in 57 [sic: now 60] different categories covering EVERY aspect of the Pascal language and ALL ABSOLUTELY FREE! The material contained in SWAG is intended to be a teaching and learning aid for users of the Pascal language. Whether you are a beginner or experienced programmer, you'll find SWAG to be an invaluable source of ideas and information." Why release it now? There are three main reasons why I've "rescued" SWAG 23 years after it ceased to b

Dead Laptop Screws Further With

Following my previous post where I said that, due to Corona virus, the move to the new web host was postponed, my one and only development laptop died on me a couple of weeks ago. That means that the revised website due to go live in mid June will now have even less content that had hoped. You can see the current state of play at The new machine has arrived now, but it's going to take a couple of days to configure it, restore backups, reinstall all the software and purge all the preloaded crap that I didn't ask for! I've got a to do list as long as my arm, and that includes more than just adding content to the new site. Most of it has to be done before the old web server closes on 15 June. Hey-ho. The old site is fully backed up so the content won't be gone forever. If I had an ounce of belief in mysticism I'd be starting to think this project is jinxed. But I haven't, so I don't!!

Corona Virus Screws With

Trivial as it is compared with everything that's going on right now, I thought I'd give an update about moving the website to a new host. The web hosting company that has generously offered to host the site in future is suffering set backs as a consequence of the corona virus. I just hope that the guys at the hosting company are personally keeping well. Consequently I'm not sure if we'll be able to get the site moved before the current hosting agreement ends on 15 June. So it's looking more likely that plan B will need to be activated, if only as a stop gap. Plan B is to point the domain at the site currently being developed on GitHub. You can see the current state of play at . We're going to loose a lot of stuff if this happens, but everything is backed up so, if and when it's possible, said stuff can be restored. As I said, keeping a little web site running while people are dying