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DelphiDabbler Code Library project on GoogleCode Closed

Following the announcement earlier this year that GoogleCode was about to close I moved the Delphidabbler Code Library Subversion source code repository to SourceForge , where the downloads had been hosted for some time. A little later I started a GitHub project to host the library documentation and copied all the docs formerly hosted in the GoogleCode wiki to there. The documentation is currently split between GitHub and my wiki sub-domain , but ultimately I intend for it all to be on GitHub. Now that GoogleCode has become read-only I've decided to close that project down, and that's happening as I write this. The old GoogleCode URL will simply redirect to SourceForge. So, in summary, you'll now find the library in the following places: Subversion source code repository on SourceForge Releases on SourceForge Tickets / issues on SourceForge Documentation main page on GitHub - this page has links for each sub-project either to GitHub or the DelphiDabbler wiki. L