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4 Degrees Of Programming Distraction

One of the advantages about being a hobbyist coder is that I have no deadlines and can go where my interests take me. One of the disadvantages about being a hobbyist coder is that I have no deadlines and can go where my interests take me. Here's a cautionary tale of four degrees of programming distraction I've just blundered through. Maybe I need to focus! There was the plan... As long ago as New Year's Day 2021 I confidently announced that I'd decided on a related pair of programs I was going to concentrate on. Two days later I'd decided on a third one to join the group. So I started on them right? Not a chance! 1st degree I was working on a music mix and made my usual mistake of spending too long on the mix without resting my ears. Right, I thought, what I need is a little timer app that tells me to take a break. But not one of the many available. Oh no. What I want is one tailored to the ideal work pattern when mixing music. 2nd degree So, I

New Unit2NS Application Released in Beta

Since the introduction of namespaces to Delphi I've been struggling to remember which namespaces some units belong to. I like this feature and would rather provide the fully qualified unit name in my source code rather than specifying a list of assumed namespaces in project options, but I do need some help finding the correct namespace. Years ago Dr Bob had a little utility on his website that did this, but I wanted a little app to run locally. After drawing a blank casting around for something that could help me I bit the bullet and cobbled together a little app myself. It's called Unit2NS . If you give it a unit name it displays a list of one or more namespaces the unit could belong to. Once you've chosen a namespace you can copy the fully qualified unit name to the clipboard for pasting into your code editor. It also lets you display all the units belonging to a given namespace, a bit like the Delphi IDE (sometimes!) does. OK, "How does it know about the name