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CodeSnip v4.20.1 released

CodeSnip v4.20.1 has just been released. This is a minor bug fix release. Full details can be found over on the CodeSnip Blog .

System Information Unit v5.13.0 BUGFIX released

v5.13.0 of my System Information Unit has just been released. This release fixes a serious (and long standing) bug  in the detection of Windows 11 21H2 builds. All Dev / Beta / Preview channel builds were being reported as a public release version. Updating is strongly recommended.  This release also adds support to TPJOSInfo  to enable it to detect the latest Windows 11 Dev channel and 22H2 Beta and Preview builds. There's also a fix for a more minor bug in detecting which of the many Windows OS versions that report v10.0 that you have. It was sometimes falsely reporting either Windows 10 or Windows 2016 server even in cases where that actually OS was a later one. When I say "sometimes" I mean very rarely, but it could happen. You can download the new version from my website or directly from GitHub . The unit can be viewed in the ddablib/sysinfo repository.