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DelphiDabbler Delphi Tips Database Deprecated

What a long time between posts! Not a lot (i.e. nothing!) has happened on for well over a year now. Among other things that means that the Delphi Tips database hasn't been updated - and it won't be in future. So I've decided to deprecate it with the view of removing it from the site. To avoid losing all the data forever, I've 'printed' each tip to it's own PDF file and placed them in a Git repository on GitHub - see . In addition to the tips from the site I've also added a couple of extra documents that contain numerous other tips. One has loads of tips from the former Delphi Pool website and the other contains tips published in the past by Topellina . If anyone wants to take over the database just fork the repo. If you want the original HTML include files and associated SQL database just open an issue on the GitHub repo and ask. Or leave a comment below. The great majority of the tips hav