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Article Removed

I've removed article #26, "How To Embed GoogleEarth in your Delphi Application", from my website. This is because the article demonstrated how to use the Google Earth API with Delphi. Now that Google has withdrawn the API the article itself has become redundant. Lives On!

On 1st October I wrote a post on this blog that questioned whether or  not should remain or be taken down. I've been quite overwhelmed by the response and the support shown. Thanks to everyone who took the time to comment. The bottom line is that I'm persuaded that the site should continue. So what decided me? I had been wondering if anyone found the site useful, and it seems the answer is yes! The consensus seems to be that people would prefer the site to stay around, even in a dormant state. The response has been such that a couple weeks ago I had come to the conclusion that I should try keep the site going. However, I was still concerned that I was having to finance the site in the face of a collapse in advertising and donation revenue. Some kind individuals had made donations since my blog post, but more was still needed. Then, two days ago a particularly generous donation arrived that should enable the site t