System Information Unit v5.2.0 Released

I've just released v5.2.0 of the System Information Unit.

This release adds support for detecting and reporting on the new "November Update" TH2 release of Windows 10.

This has been quite hard to detect because although Microsoft bumped the build number they haven't classed the update as a service pack, so TPJOSInfo reports no service pack as being present. In fact everything looks the same as the original Windows 10 except for the build number.

To allow users to display a bit more information when running on Windows 10 TH2 I've added a new ServicePackEx method to TPJOSInfo. This returns the same result as the existing ServicePack method when run on any OS prior to Windows 10 TH2. However on that OS ServicePack returns an empty string while ServicePackEx returns 'TH2: November Update'. The rationale of providing the new method is that I don't want to subvert ServicePack from its documented remit of reporting genuine service packs and only genuine service packs.

The intention is that ServicePackEx will also detect any future major updates that aren't classed as service packs by MS. Whether this is possible remains to be seen.

The other change in v5.2.0 is that the TPJOSInfo.BuildNumber method now always returns 0 if it can't determine the build number. Prior to this BuildNumber would sometimes try to get a build number from the registry as a last resort. This feature has been removed because it's become apparent that the registry can return the incorrect value for the build number despite the correct number actually being visible when the registry is viewed in regedit. It seems like Windows is spoofing the registry to report an older OS in these circumstances.

Well it all gets more and more complicated with each release of Windows doesn't it!