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When Did The Delphi Language First Support ...?

If you're like me and try to write library code that's compatible with several different versions of Delphi you have probably had cause to ask "When did Delphi first support XXX feature?" I have. A lot. And then I forget and have to research it all over again. So, I've created a small table of various language and other features of Delphi along with the version where they were introduced. I've had the page for a while now for my own use, but it occurs to me that others may find it useful. If you're interested, view it here . Now, I'm not guaranteeing it's 100% accurate, and it's far from complete. And now the ask. If you know of any other features and the version when the were first introduced please leave a comment and I'll add it to the list. Also, if I've made a mistake, leave a comment about that too so I can fix it.

New blog for CodeSnip stuff

Up to now lots of news about my CodeSnip program has been posted on this blog. That's really been off-topic in that I first conceived this blog to be a place to post some occasional musing on programming. So, Ive now set up the new CodeSnip blog that I'll use for CodeSnip announcements and the like. I'm intending for this blog to become the central hub of all CodeSnip news in future. Therefore if you've subscribed here mainly for the CodeSnip stuff, it would be best to subscribe to the new blog instead or as well.Sorry if that inconveniences you.

Workaround for a bug in SourceForge's Blog RSS feed

I've just been setting up a new blog for CodeSnip on SourceForge (of which more later). On setting up a FeedBurner feed for the blog I've come across a bug in the SourceForge news RSS feed that breaks FeedBurner. The problem is that FeedBurner (correctly) treats the value of the SF feed's &ltguid> tags as valid URLs and uses them as destination URLs of some links. Unfortunately the &ltguid> tags in the SF feed are not valid URLs and this causes FeedBurner to generate bad links. The RSS specification states that &ltguid> tags should signal whether or not they contain valid URLs by means of an isPermaLink attribute. The tag's value must be a valid URL if isPermaLink is true but must not to be treated as a URL if the value is false . The attribute's default value, when not present, is true . An here's the problem: SF doesn't provide an isPermaLink attribute and so FeedBurner assumes the value of the &ltguid> tag is a va

Considering changing license of Code Snippets Database snippets

I'm considering changing, or more accurately clarifying, the license that applies to the snippets in the Code Snippets database . At present the code is covered by this rather vague statement that is written to the top of any unit generated by CodeSnip or the online database reader app : { * This unit may be freely distributed and used on the condition that this * comment is not removed from the unit. * * ... * * The source code contained in this unit is made available on an "AS IS" basis, * WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. The code is used * entirely at your own risk. * * ... } While a slightly different statement appears in any exported snippet: here's an example: { * This code snippet was generated by DelphiDabbler CodeSnip Release 4.8.5 on * Sat, 01 Feb 2014 14:02:09 GMT. It is made available on an "AS IS" basis, * WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. The code is used * entirely at your own risk