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Delphi 11 Alexandria update 1 released

I've just installed RAD Studio / Delphi 11.1 Alexandria. I know I'm a bit late - I mean it's been out for a whole week now, but reasons! RAD Studio 11. 1 Alexandria ? You thought Alexandria was 11.0? Well it was, but unlike the 10.x changes, where 10.0 Seattle and 10.1 Berlin (for example) were different products, 11.1 is a bone-fide update to 11.0 rather than a whole new release. So it's still called Alexandria. And it can't be installed alongside 11.0, but must replace it, so it really is an update. Also the registry key where Embarcadero stores all its settings remains  \SOFTWARE\Embarcadero\BDS\22.0 , that same as RAD Studio11.0. (BTW I've got an article that lists those registry keys and talks about detecting Delphi installations. If you're interested look here .) Rather than trying to explain what's new in this release, what better than to let the crew at Embarcadero to do it for me - here's a recording of the release webinar  on YouTube and he