System Information Unit v5.4 Released

Well, well, well.

Never thought I'd ever release any software again. But I've given the System Information Unit a long overdue update in an attempt to detect all updates of Windows 10 to date, along with Windows Server 2016 and 2019.

I've only been able to test for my Windows 10 installation using - the rest of the code is based on research.

There's also a new TPJComputerInfo.ProcessorSpeedMHz method to return the host computer's processor speed.

Get the latest version from SourceForge at https://sourceforge.net/projects/ddablib/files/sysinfo/

DelphiDabbler.com Is No Longer Closing!

Stop Press: I'm no longer closing down DelphiDabbler.com!

A brand new site is under development and I've had a generous offer to host the site. We're still ironing things out, so I'm not making a formal announcement yet, but things are looking very good.

Even in the unlikely event the plans don't work out, the new site will still go ahead on GitHub.

You can see an early development version of the new site at https://delphidabbler.github.io/.

Finally, do take care of yourselves in these difficult times - stay well


Some Impacts Of Forthcoming Site Closure

Update: The site is no longer closing!

Some of the changes below may still happen, but the site itself is staying up. See this post for details. Keep an eye on this blog for updates.

Now that the 15 June date for closure of DelphiDabbler.com is less than 6 months away I thought it was time to set out some of the implications.

Here are the main issues:

  • The wiki at wiki.delphidabbler.com will go away. This means that some documentation, FAQs and various useful notes will be lost. In particular the online help for some of my Delphi Code Library will disappear. Some of the docs have been moved to GitHub, but many haven't. I doubt there will be time to move any more. There may be time to save some FAQs and to GitHub but it can't be guaranteed.
  • The CodeSnip program will loose access to some of the webservices it uses. There's a separate blog post about this.
  • The online version of the Code Snippets Database will be lost. But all the code should still be available to users of the CodeSnip program (all being well).
  • All the site news feeds will stop working.
  • My Delphi articles will be lost. But I'm hoping to save at least PDF versions on GitHub, time permitting.
  • The software on the site will not be adversely affected - everything exists either on GitHub or on SourceForge.
  • The online SWAG database will be lost. I'm hoping to move the actual database to GitHub, again timw permitting.
  • The Delphi Tips database front end will be lost. It was announced a while ago that it was deprecated. Every tips has been rendered as a PDF and those, along with the raw HTML has been placed on GitHub.

I'm considering retaining the delphidabbler.com domain and pointing it at GitHub, but haven't finally decided.

Finally, thanks for supporting the site over the years. And thanks for the donations that helped offset some of the costs.


Moving on

Update: The site is no longer closing!

Some of the changes below may still happen, but the site itself is staying up. See this post for details. Keep an eye on this blog for updates.

You may have noticed that I've not done any programming or updates to Delphidabbler.com for quite a long time. Neither have I been active here.

I keep telling myself that I'll get round to maintaining and modernising the site, but the hard fact is I won't.

So I'm announcing that delphidabbler.com will get few if any more updates and will close in one year. I've just renewed the web space for another year ... it will expire on 15 June 2020 and after that the site will be gone.

I will try - no promises - to do one final release of CodeSnip that removes it's dependency on the web server.

I will be retaining ownership of delphidabbler.com for at least a while longer because I'm dependent on it for email. The plan is to point it at my GitHub account and to move more stuff there. If anyone would like to take over the site content, please get in touch.

What am I doing instead? I'm concentrating on my guitar playing and learning to play acoustic blues under the pseudonym Alo Phogg. If anyone's interested check out my YouTube and Facebook accounts.

I'm sorry that I've neglected the site after investing so much time in it since 2002. It was the escalating costs of updating Delphi that discouraged me in the first place. But when my love of guitar playing resurfaced that sealed it. Anyway, it's not gone yet. I'll keep you posted thru this blog. And thanks for the support over the years.



DelphiDabbler Google+ Page Has Gone

I've just deleted my DelphiDabbler and CodeSnip Google+ pages in advance of the pending closure of G+


DelphiDabbler Delphi Tips Database Deprecated

What a long time between posts!

Not a lot (i.e. nothing!) has happened on DelphiDabbler.com for well over a year now. Among other things that means that the Delphi Tips database hasn't been updated - and it won't be in future. So I've decided to deprecate it with the view of removing it from the site.

To avoid losing all the data forever, I've 'printed' each tip to it's own PDF file and placed them in a Git repository on GitHub - see https://github.com/delphidabbler/delphi-tips. In addition to the tips from the site I've also added a couple of extra documents that contain numerous other tips. One has loads of tips from the former Delphi Pool website and the other contains tips published in the past by Topellina.

If anyone wants to take over the database just fork the repo. If you want the original HTML include files and associated SQL database just open an issue on the GitHub repo and ask. Or leave a comment below.

The great majority of the tips have not been tested by me and they're all pretty old. Use at your own risk!


PasHi Pascal Highlighter v2.0.0 Released (At Last!)

After a mere five and a half years in beta, I've finally got round to finishing off and releasing v2.0 of my PasHi Pascal Syntax Highlighter.

This is a command line program that highlights Pascal source code and outputs CSS styled HTML code. I use it to highlight source code for my website.

Version 2 is a massive update from version 1 - there are loads of new commands. This would turn into a very long post if I was to list everything the program does - there's a comprehensive user guide for anyone interested. For a list of changes from the last v1 release see the change log.

There's a GUI front end that can control PasHi to save typing in lots of commands. That too is now out of beta. Here's a pic of the program after it's used PasHi to highlight some code using an emulation of Delphi's twilight style:

PasHi lives on GitHub. You can grab the program and its source code from the GitHub release page.


BDiff / BPatch Utilities v0.2.8 Released

Version 0.2.8 of the BDiff / BPatch Utilities has just been released.

This version is mainly a recompilation with Delphi XE to enable support for Unicode file names and Unicode internal string processing.

Zip files containing the executable files and source code are available from GitHub.

You can also fork the project on GitHub if you wish.


System Information Unit v5.3.0 Released

Release v5.3.0 of the System Information Unit from the DelphiDabbler Code Library has been released.

This release adds support for detecting Windows 10 "Version 1607", i.e. the Anniversary Update. It can also now detect Windows 2016 Server tech previews 1 to 5.

Some other tweaks have been made: for a full list see the change log.


Hot Label Component v2.2.1 Released

Release v2.2.1 of the Hot Label Component from the DelphiDabbler code library has been released.

This new version fixes a memory leak introduced in v2.2.0. Users of that version are strongly recommended to update.


Article Removed


DelphiDabbler.com Lives On!