CodeSnip v4.20.0 released

I've just released CodeSnip v4.20.0. You can get it from  GitHub . For the low down see the  announcement  on the CodeSnip blog.

Demo code made available for more articles

About a week ago I released demo code for some more articles. Now, when I say "released" I really meant that I dug out some old demo code from an obscure repo and imported it into the delphidabbler/article-demos GitHub repo! Here are the relevant articles: Articles #2 (" How to store files inside an executable program ") & #3 (" How to read data embedded in your program's resources ") shared demo. Article #5: " How to write filters that extend the functionality of the TStream classes ". Article #22: " How to call Delphi code from scripts running in a TWebBrowser ". Article #23: " How to get operating system version information ". Article #24: " How to receive data dragged from other applications ". Article #25: " How to handle drag and drop in a TWebBrowser control ". There are links to the demos on each of the above article pages. At the time of writing each of the above pages link to a PDF versio

System Information Unit v5.11.0 BUGFIX released

My  system information unit  has been updated to v5.11.0 The most important change is that the release fixes a compilation bug that affects versions of Delphi that don't support constant dynamic array declarations (which I think was introduced in Delphi XE7). Anyhow, I just tried and failed to compile v5.10.0 with Windows XE. And yes, I still use XE quite a lot. I also updated the operating system detection class  TPJOSInfo : to detect Windows 11 Dev & Beta Channel releases that have come out since the last System Information Unit release. There's also a minor refactoring. You can get the new version from my  website  or direct from  SourceForge  (direct download link).

New demo code for articles #9 & #27

I've just added demo code to my delphidabbler/article-demos repo for these two articles: How to programatically detect installed versions of Delphi How to get notified when the content of the clipboard changes The first one is new and provides code that does just what the title says. The second one has been dragged out of a old Assembla SVN repo and converted to Git. It provides a simple editor where text can be cut, copied and pasted. The clipboard change notifications are used to update the state of the Paste button depending on whether or not the clipboard contains text. Yes, I know there are other ways to do that, but it demonstrates the article simply!

System Information Unit 5.10.0 Released

My  system information unit  has been updated with the following changes to the operating system detection class  TPJOSInfo : Added detection of recent Windows 11 Dev Channel releases. Added detection of Windows 10 Fast Ring and Dev Channel releases along with 21H1 beta and 21H2 preview releases. Removed potentially erroneous detection of build 22395 as a Windows 10 22H2 preview build. Refactored code used to detect Dev Channel builds. You can get the new version from my  website  or direct from  SourceForge  (direct download link).

Delphi 11 Alexandria update 1 released

I've just installed RAD Studio / Delphi 11.1 Alexandria. I know I'm a bit late - I mean it's been out for a whole week now, but reasons! RAD Studio 11. 1 Alexandria ? You thought Alexandria was 11.0? Well it was, but unlike the 10.x changes, where 10.0 Seattle and 10.1 Berlin (for example) were different products, 11.1 is a bone-fide update to 11.0 rather than a whole new release. So it's still called Alexandria. And it can't be installed alongside 11.0, but must replace it, so it really is an update. Also the registry key where Embarcadero stores all its settings remains  \SOFTWARE\Embarcadero\BDS\22.0 , that same as RAD Studio11.0. (BTW I've got an article that lists those registry keys and talks about detecting Delphi installations. If you're interested look here .) Rather than trying to explain what's new in this release, what better than to let the crew at Embarcadero to do it for me - here's a recording of the release webinar  on YouTube and he