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CodeSnip 4.20.0 executables now available on GitHub

I've finally managed to upload the CodeSnip v4.20.0 binaries to GitHub. Get them here .

CodeSnip v4.20.0 released

I've just released CodeSnip v4.20.0. You can get it from  GitHub . For the low down see the  announcement  on the CodeSnip blog.

Demo code made available for more articles

About a week ago I released demo code for some more articles. Now, when I say "released" I really meant that I dug out some old demo code from an obscure repo and imported it into the delphidabbler/article-demos GitHub repo! Here are the relevant articles: Articles #2 (" How to store files inside an executable program ") & #3 (" How to read data embedded in your program's resources ") shared demo. Article #5: " How to write filters that extend the functionality of the TStream classes ". Article #22: " How to call Delphi code from scripts running in a TWebBrowser ". Article #23: " How to get operating system version information ". Article #24: " How to receive data dragged from other applications ". Article #25: " How to handle drag and drop in a TWebBrowser control ". There are links to the demos on each of the above article pages. At the time of writing each of the above pages link to a PDF versio

System Information Unit v5.11.0 BUGFIX released

My  system information unit  has been updated to v5.11.0 The most important change is that the release fixes a compilation bug that affects versions of Delphi that don't support constant dynamic array declarations (which I think was introduced in Delphi XE7). Anyhow, I just tried and failed to compile v5.10.0 with Windows XE. And yes, I still use XE quite a lot. I also updated the operating system detection class  TPJOSInfo : to detect Windows 11 Dev & Beta Channel releases that have come out since the last System Information Unit release. There's also a minor refactoring. You can get the new version from my  website  or direct from  SourceForge  (direct download link).