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Top Secret Code Snippets Test Code

For about three months now I've had some code that tests and exercises some of the snippets in the Code Snippets Database . But, if you don't get the Code Snippets newsletter, you won't know about it because I forgot to tell anyone else! Anyhow, the code is stored in my Delphi Doodlings Subversion repository on Assembla in the CodeSnippets sub-directory of the trunk. There are currently three test projects: TestDriveCat.dpr in the Src/Cat-Drive sub-directory. This is a demo program that exercises all the routines in the Code Snippets database's Drive Management category. This project was updated today to bring up to date with a new addition to the category. TestHexCat.dpr in the Src/Cat-Hex sub-directory This is a set of DUnit tests for all the routines in the Hex Utilities category. TestWinSysCat.dpr in the Src/Cat-WynSys sub-directory. This new demo program was added today and exercises all the routines in the Windows System category. I'm only u

Decoding Base 64 encoded data

A while ago someone asked me how to go about decoding Base 64 encoded code in a single routine. Here's what I came up with. It uses the Indy internet component suite to do the grunt work and simply wraps the various Indy calls into a function. uses Classes , IdCoderMIME .. . function Base64Decode ( const EncodedText : string ) : TBytes ; var DecodedStm : TBytesStream ; Decoder : TIdDecoderMIME ; begin Decoder := TIdDecoderMIME . Create ( nil ) ; try DecodedStm := TBytesStream . Create ; try Decoder . DecodeBegin ( DecodedStm ) ; Decoder . Decode ( EncodedText ) ; Decoder . DecodeEnd ; Result := DecodedStm . Bytes ; finally DecodedStm . Free ; end ; finally Decoder . Free ; end ; end ; This function decodes the encoded text passed in EncodedText , which must contain only valid Base 64 encoding characters, and returns the resulting raw data as an array of bytes. We use I

Delphi Tips Editor Virus???

There have been a few reports of a possible virus in the third party Delphi Tips Editor published on . Just to let everyone know that this is likely (but not guaranteed) to have been a false positive due to the exe compressor used by the author. However, to be on the safe side the offending code has been replaced by a recompiled version that passes all the tests at . If you're using the program please make sure you download the latest version here .