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Renamed Unit2NS app to DUSE at release 0.3.0

Release 0.3.0 of the app formerly known as Unit2NS was released yesterday. Unit2NS is/was a little application that, given a unit name, finds all the unit scopes that contain a unit of that name. For example, on Delphi 11.3 Enterprise there's a unit named Json in the following unit scopes: Data.Bind FireDAC.Comp.BatchMove REST System The thing is, when I released v0.1.0, I'd referred to these unit scope names and " namespaces ". As a commenter pointed out, this was wrong. Said commenter was right that I was wrong. It was quite simple to change the text in the UI and docs, but  the trouble was that the "NS" in Unit2NS stood for "namespace", and it's been bugging me. So I decided to change the name, I could have turned round "NS" to "SN" (for scope name), but that seemed like a cop out, so I've gone the whole hog and changed the name to ... 🎺🎺🎺... DUSE: D elphi U nit S cope E xpander. Corny, maybe, but I tried lots of

gbg Garbage Generator v0.3.0 Released

Yesterday I released gbg v0.2.0, followed a few hours later by v0.3.0. Busy day! v0.2.0 When I announced the first release of gbg  someone suggested an option to generate ASCII characters instead of random bytes. That's what I added in v0.2.0. There were two options that could be added to the command line: -a to generate printable ASCII characters with codes 32 to 126. -A  to generate all ASCII characters with codes 0 to 127. Here's the new commands being used with some sample output: v0.3.0 I like my command line programs to be able to display their version numbers, so I added the -V option to do just that. The Usage screen also got updated: Any More Suggestions? Any more requests? Either leave a comment on open an issue on GitHub. Downloads You can get the latest version from the GitHub releases page . I'd skip v0.2.0 and go straight to v0.3.0, but it's up to you.

Version Information Manipulation DLL dumps 16 bit support

As I mentioned in last November's post Version Information Manipulation DLL gets an update after 15 years!  this DLL is more than a little niche. That post described what the DLL does, so I'm not going into detail here. To get more info take a look at the user guide . So, after waiting 15 years to get to v1.1 it's taken just 7 months to jump to v2.0. In essence v2.0 just drops support for ANSI version information resources. That shouldn't be a problem these days, because ANSI version information is only required when reading 32 bit programs on Windows 9x or when processing 16 bit resource files. Still, if you do need ANSI support, you can go back to v1.x. πŸ‘‰ Get v2.0.0 from GitHub . One of the DLL's demo programs

Version Information Editor v2.15.1 released

This new patch release of Version Information Editor fixes a couple of annoying bugs that affect macros and fields. It's worth an update because the bugs could easily affect you. See the change log for details. πŸ‘‰  Get v2.15.0 from GitHub .

BDiff / BPatch Utilities Finally Reach v1.0 - Sort Of

It's just 20 years since I translated Stefan Reuther's bdiff & bpatch into Delphi Pascal and released v0.2.1(pas) Since then it's crept up to v0.2.9, released earlier this year. So maybe it's about time I admitted that the code's pretty stable and moved to v1! Well, almost. I've converted the code to Delphi 11 and done a lot of refactoring, so I'm wary about possibly having introduced bugs in the process. So it's been decided to go for a safety v1.0.0-beta release before finally releasing v1.0 . Oh, and I've dropped the custom license in favour of the BSD 3-clause license. BDiff & BPatch are maintained in the delphidabbler/bdiff repo on GitHub. You can find v1.0.0-beta on the GitHub releases page . There's no installer. Just copy BDiff.exe and BPatch.exe  from the release zip file to some directory on your system. Removable drives are fine too. Neither program modifies the host system in any way, so to uninstall you just need to delete

System Information Unit v5.22.0 released

It's time for the latest monthly update to my  System Information Unit . Once again it's just the operating system detection code that's been updated. Yet again there were no major new Windows releases in April. This release just adds detection a few new Windows 10 and 11 public patches along with the latest release preview, beta, dev and Canary channel builds. I've also added detection of the Windows 11 22H2 "Moment" releases. Go and get this new release from the project's GitHub  releases page .