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Still worrying about memory usage, and loving it!

One of the things that comes from having cut my teeth on early micro computers was that I always, but always, had to worry about memory usage. When your computer's got 4KB RAM, as had my 1st Tandy TRS80 Model I, you have to worry about code being small enough to fit and  to leave enough room for data. Photo from Later I was constraining the size of my programs due to the time it took to upload them on my dial up internet connection. Even now I still can't stop worrying about profligate use of memory or disk space. I've resigned myself to the inefficiencies or bloatware, but there are still some marvellous examples of coding efficiency out there. My favourite example is my Digital Audio Workstation of choice, REAPER . It's a professional quality, complex application with a download size of 15Mb (for the latest Win 64 v6.72 as of December 2022). That's not a typo - it's 15Mb. And no, it's not for a downloader that scuttles off to the net to g

CodeSnip v4.21.0 Released

Just released CodeSnip v4.21.0. Full details of this release are discussed in detail over on the CodeSnip blog .

Another embarrassing failure to create CodeSnip 5

One day, perhaps for the 10th anniversary of first trying to given CodeSnip a major update, I might manage it. But not this time 😩. For a tale of over-ambition, pop over to the CodeSnip Blog .

System Information Unit v5.18.0 released

Here we are again. More builds of Windows 11 came out in November, so here's the now customary update to the System Information Unit. No big changes this time. As usual you can download this release from GitHub. Just scroll down to the Assets section to either grab the source code or download a zip file containing the official release files.