18 February 2010

Welcome to the new DelphiDabbler blog

Welcome to this new blog, which I'm thinking of as an extension to DelphiDabbler.com where more peripheral programming stuff can be discussed.

I'll also use it for news of happenings on the main site.

Will I keep up with it? Let's see how it goes!


Chris said...

As an occasional reader of your site, adding a blog outlet for it is a good idea I think. Mind you, why not take the further step of adding a link to DelphiFeeds.com and getting your RSS feed included there? It would make your site more widely known amongst the online Delphi community, which would definitely be a good thing.

DelphiDabbler said...

Thanks for suggesting this Chris - I didn't know about it. There's now a link to DelphiFeeds.com on this page.