CodeSnip source now moving to GoogleCode

Well, I've migrated the CodeSnip project to SourceForge's new Allura forge, and I think the Subversion repo software stinks!

Lots of external links into the repo that I rely on in documentation can't be made to work as I want and the whole repo support seems badly thought out to me.

So, I'm planning to move the repo to GoogleCode, which at least I know quite well because I host some other projects there.

I'm afraid this means that the migration will take even longer than I suspected - sorry for that if you're waiting to use the repo. I'll post again as promised once the new links are active.

For the time being, downloads and bugs / feature requests will still be kept on SourceForge.

UPDATE (3rd Jan 2013): All the changes to CodeSnip's hosting are now complete - more info.


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