15 June 2013

DelphiDabbler.com is back

DelphiDabbler.com is now back up and running following the recent outage.

If you are a CodeSnip user, the automatic database updating service may have failed during the outage and you could have missed an update. If you want to check if there are any database updates available please check manually using the Database | Update From Web menu option. For info, the last update was on 14th June.

If you rely on CodeSnip's program update notification that too may also have failed. For info the latest version at the moment in v4.6.0. If you're running and earlier version and want to update you can download v4.6.0 from SourceForge.


Anonymous said...

Men you are genius!
Thank you for caption editor very very much!

DelphiDabbler said...

Cheers - glad you like it!