DelphiDabbler.com Is No Longer Closing!

Stop Press: I'm no longer closing down DelphiDabbler.com!

A brand new site is under development and I've had a generous offer to host the site. We're still ironing things out, so I'm not making a formal announcement yet, but things are looking very good.

Even in the unlikely event the plans don't work out, the new site will still go ahead on GitHub.

You can see an early development version of the new site at https://delphidabbler.github.io/.

Finally, do take care of yourselves in these difficult times - stay well


pazera-software said...

Great news! Stay well!

Delphidabbler said...

Thx. You stay well too.

BillSTP said...

Nice to hear a bit of good news today :-)

Michael Riley said...

Glad to here this!