System Information Unit v5.4 Released

Well, well, well.

Never thought I'd ever release any software again. But I've given the System Information Unit a long overdue update in an attempt to detect all updates of Windows 10 to date, along with Windows Server 2016 and 2019.

I've only been able to test for my Windows 10 installation using - the rest of the code is based on research.

There's also a new TPJComputerInfo.ProcessorSpeedMHz method to return the host computer's processor speed.

Get the latest version from SourceForge at


Tested the demo on Windows Server 2019

From Demo, some select bits:

BuildNumber | 17763
Description | Windows Server 2019 Server Datacenter (full installation) (64-bit) Version 1809 (Build 17763)
Edition | Server Datacenter (full installation) (64-bit)
MajorVersion | 10
MinorVersion | 0
Product | osWinSvr2019
ProductName | Windows Server 2019
ServicePackEx | Version 1809
IsReallyWindows10OrGreater | True
IsWindowsServer | True

Looks to all be good to me :)
Also, Processor Speed matches what Windows tells me. Thanks
Delphidabbler said…
Thanks for checking those Martin ... Looks like I guessed right then ... Few!!

Nateloaf said…
Handy units, thanks for updating them. Ever thought about implementing something like this but for remote computers on the network? Sort of like msinfo32 /computer xxx?
Delphidabbler said…
Thx for kind comment Nateloaf.

I like your suggestion, but I'm afraid haven't a clue how to him about this. I don't use a network - it's just me and my lil ol' laptop - real cottage industry stuff.

Any code you could point me at would be helpful.


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