CodeSnip v4: progress at last

Back in December 2010 I announced I'd started work on CodeSnip v4 and expected to release a new beta in a "few months". Now, nearly eleven months later I've made some noticable progress and am considering an alpha release! I'm hoping to get this out by the year end.

One of first new features I've decided on is to add multiple tab browsing of the database. This means that more than one snippet can be viewed in tabs in the main display.

One consequence of this change is that test compilation of Delphi Snippets have been demoted from the main display to a dialog box.

The source code for the new version is in the v4-dev branch of the CodeSnip Subversion repo. Use at your own risk.

Update:The v4 development code has now been integrated into the trunk and the v4-dev branch has been removed.

There's still an opportunity to suggest new features using the Feature Tracker on SourceForge.


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