MPL v2 for me

The Mozilla Public License v2.0 was officially released a few weeks ago. I never though I'd get excited about a source code license, but I have (well nearly)!

I have always been attracted to the less restrictive nature of the MPL compared with the Free Software Foundation licenses (GPL / LGPL).

Although I personally find the GPL too restrictive - I don't want to insist that my code can only be used in other GPLd project - I do want to ensure my code never goes closed, and that it is always freely available. Therefore some of the most permissive license are out of it for me.

So I have settled on the MPL v1.1 for most of my code. The big downside though is that MPL 1.1 code isn't compatible with the GPL, so my code can't be used in GPL projects. I can get round this by changing to the MPL / GPL / LGPL tri-license, but that has its own problems.

So, I'm pleased that the MPL v2 is now GPL compatible, is lot simpler to use than tri-licensing and doesn't have the same problems. Over time much of my code will be changed over to MPL v2, and all new code will use it.

Until that day, if it ever comes, if you want to use some of my code in a GPL / LGPL project, let me know and I'll change it over to MPL 2 for you.


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