Last call for CodeSnip 4 feature requests

The last of the CodeSnip 4 Preview releases is out and the next planned release will be the first beta, sometime around August I guess. That should be feature complete with a bit of luck.

That means I'm closing requests for new features at the end of this month - i.e. 30th June. So if you really want to see a new feature in CodeSnip v4, then now's the time to ask. Just head over the Feature Request Tracker on SourceForge.

Not guaranteeing anything, but your idea may get accepted for v4.


  1. Anonymous10:58 pm

    Thanks for your effort on CodeSnip project. When will be realised version 4?

  2. The first beta of CodeSnip 4 is nearly ready and is due early in August. I'm hoping to release the CodeSnip 4.0 in Q4 of this year. Exactly when depends on feedback on the beta(s).

    There is currently a preview release available from SourceForge, but I recommend waiting for the beta because it contains some additional features.


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