Old Code Snippets Database Online App Retired

After many year's service I've finally retired the old Code Snippets Database online viewer. It's been replaced by the new JavaScript driven version - "Take 2" - available at http://snippets.delphidabbler.com/.

The old app hadn't been able to display the newer snippets in the database for some time. However the killer blow was that some recent changes to the back-end database broke the app's ability to generate Pascal units.

Any bookmarks you have to the defunct application will now automatically redirect to "Take 2", so you won't be left staring at a 404 page.

Some links to the old application requested it to display a set of snippets that were named in the URL query string. So as not to break these links this type of URL will redirect to a special snippet listing script that will display the required snippets.

"Take 2" is an Ajax application the does much of its processing in the browser, so it should be quicker to use once all the data has loaded. It's also got a much cleaner and more modern user interface.

Although "Take 2" is still in beta it now has many features of the old app and adds some new ones. The only major feature still to implement is text searching, and that's on the to-do list.

Aplogies if the change is inconvenient. Please do give the new version a try - it may do what you want. Do ask if there are any features you would like to be added.

And, if you're a Windows user, don't forget that there's the CodeSnip code bank application that can load and display the snippets from the database.


devtools korzh said…
Thanks for sharing!

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