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  1. Would you consider guest articles from time to time? I'm just thinking, you've just proved you clearly have an audience, maybe you could have the odd guest article now and then?

  2. It's great to hear that the Dabbler site will live on.

    And thanks for CodeSnip and the snippet database. It's a great tool, especially for barely organized people like myself.

    "No new hints and tips" <-- would this maybe fall in the same category as Robsoft's comment about the possibility of guest articles ?

    In any event, enjoy making music and thanks again :-)

  3. Thanks robsoft and billstp.

    I'm happy to consider guest articles / hints and tips. The main problem with the onne and only guest article and the numerous tips that have come from 3rd parties is the time it takes me to format them correctly for the site.

    Perhaps if contributors agree to stick to a basic sets of styles it would work. I'd just need to publish what they are!

  4. John1579:10 pm

    I'm glad to see you're continuing the site. I haven't stopped by in a while, I've been learning python. And now I'm returning to Delphi 7 once again and your site will help me get back up to speed quickly.

    Everything about Delphi is just plain wrong. It's got a lightning fast compiler and produces lightning fast code. It's wordy. There's precious little support for it anymore. It isn't cutting edge. It isn't cool. You don't get to pull your hair out time and again when free libraries that your code depends on break because a library they depend on got updated. Code that worked yesterday still works today. Where's the excitement in that? I missed you Delphi.

  5. Anonymous11:06 am

    how many views do your pages get per month?

  6. Dunno how many page views these days ... I've not checked the logs for a couple of years now. Doubt it's many now since the site hasn't been updated in a long time.


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