Time to start on a new application, but what?

It's been years since I started to develop a new application in Delphi and it's about time I did - I'm feeling the need for an injection of enthusiasm that simply maintaining old code doesn't provide.

Now, love making music, so I guess that's the way this application is headed.

There are a couple of possibilities that I'm considering.

  1. A tool to help generate .sfz open sampler format files used by samplers such as Sforzando.

    Those little beasts are pigs to code by hand and the few existing tools don't meet my needs. Because this is a coding blog, I guess I ought to show some SFZ code:

  2. I'm curious about generating music from mathmetical sequences (yes, really). I suppose this appeals to me because I'm both a maths graduate and an amateur musician

    The apps on the net I've come across aren't very musical or aren't intuitive to use. Maybe I should have a crack at something like that.

    To give you an idea what I'm rambling on about, here's a very early take of a piece I created last night when I couldn't sleep! It's generated from the first few numbers of the Early Bird Sequence (after a lot of tweaking):


SFZ tool

In one of the designs I've considered I would ideally like to make a graphical representation of the wave files to be used by the sequencer. Damned if I know how to do that!

Does anyone know how to parse .wav files? Or if there are any open source libraries that can handle that. Pascal would be great cos I really dislike translating C libraries!

Music generation tool

MIDI! The tool would have to output MIDI data & be able to play it via the Windows API. I've got some MIDI format dox but was wondering if anyone knows of any open source libraries that can parse streams of MIDI and/or generate MIDI? Again Pascal preferred.

There's some example code out there in C (aargh) that may be some use if there's nothing else around.

What to do? Decisions, decisions!


Anders said…
Does anyone know how to parse .wav files?


Plenty of examples using Delphi.

any open source libraries that can parse streams of MIDI and/or generate MIDI?

Delphidabbler said…
Thx. My previous Google search didn't turn much up, but I'll check using your link. And thx for the GitHub link.

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