Delphi & C++ Builder Community Editions Are Back

Embarcadero have announced the long awaited return of the community editions of Delphi & C++ Builder. The version being released is 10.4.2.

There are certain preconditions that you must meet to be entitled to use the community edition. I'm not going to explain here, partly because I'll probably get it wrong, but mainly because Embarcadero have produced a helpful FAQ.

You're going to have to choose whether you want the Delphi or C++ Builder editions because they won't coexist on the same computer. Now that choice be a no brainer for me - the name of this blog should be a bit of a give away! And don't forget that Embarcadero also have a different free C++ product available.

I believe neither will work if you have a paid version installed - but why would you want to do that anyway?

I'm really pleased to see Embarcadero supporting the hobbyist community again. I think it can only help stimulate interest in their development software - particularly in Delphi.


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