System Information Unit v5.12.0 released

In what is starting to look like a series of monthly releases, my System Information Unit has been updated to v5.12.0.

This release enables detection of various Windows 11 Dev & Beta releases made during May 2022.

I've also done some refactoring to make the operating system identification code a little easier to read - just a little mind you!

What is more, the System Information Unit now has (another) new home on GitHub. The code has been split out of the monolithic delphidabbler/ddablib project and now has its own repository on GitHub - see ddablib/sysinfo. This change makes it possible to use the the GitHub release system to provide access to releases.

You can download this release from GitHub. Just scroll down to the Assets section to either grab the source code or download a zip file containing the official release files.

You can still get this, and earlier, releases from SourceForge if you prefer.


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