Shiny new XE3 and ditching old Delphis

Just installed my first Delphi update since the marvellous Delphi 2010. I sneaked in just in time to get Delphi XE3 pro from Grey Matter with a free copy of HTML5 Builder.

Not had chance to get to grips with XE3 or HTML5 Builder get, but have tasks in mind for both. XE3 is silky smooth on my relatively new ASUS development laptop, so I'm pleased with the pairing. Or perhaps its the fact that my previous development machine was a five year old Dell box that everything seems so fast at the moment!

No, what really got me tapping the keyboard is to say how much I appreciate getting license for Delphis back to 2007 + Delphi 7 as part of the XE3 licenses. Good on you Embarcadero!

I've never managed to acquire such a complete set before. I find them useful for testing my ddab-lib code library and for running tests on code in the Code Snippets Database.

So over the next weeks I'll be testing the code library with Delphi 2007, 2009, XE, XE2 and XE3 and making any necessary tweaks. And I'll be using my copy of CodeSnip to test the Code Snippets Database with the newer compilers and publishing the results.

As for HTML5 Builder, I'm hoping to use it for developing the new JavaScript based version of the online Code Snippets Database - Code Snippets Database – Take 2. Just hoping it's better than its PHP Builder predecessor!

One more thing while I'm talking about testing code with older Delphi compilers. Since moving to the new laptop I've decided not to install my ancient Delphi compilers (i.e. 2, 3, 4 and 6), so I'll no longer be testing code with them. My beloved Delphi 7 will be the earliest I'm going to go.


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