Out of Memory with XE4

Time for a quick rant before breakfast!

Late last year I bought Delphi XE3 with the aim of using it instead of Delphi 2010 to work on release 5 of my CodeSnip program.

I was just about to start last week when Delphi XE4 was released, so I decided to get the £40 upgrade (without the iOS stuff) to that and use it instead of XE3.

So yesterday I did the first test compile of the current CodeSnip 4 code base. After fixing a few incompatibilities I got my first successful build. Only it wasn't. XE4 crashed with an out of memory error. The error happens if I do a normal compile. A full build works.

Here's the rub - even if I do a full Shift+F9 rebuild I still can't run the program in the IDE's debugger because attempting to run an already compiled program results in the out of memory error! Could it be dependancy checking that's causing the problem?

Well that's a £40 update fee up the spout. Not a happy bunny.

It gets worse. The problem still exists in XE3. So there's another £450 wasted.

And XE2's still got the same problem. At least I got that for free on the "old licenses" deal.

Seems that this is a well known problem with larger projects - see this item that's been on Embarcadero's Quality Central for some time. Pretty poor showing I think.

So, I've decided to move CodeSnip to Delphi XE for now - it's got some VCL features that I want to use that aren't in Delphi 2010.

In fairness (although I'm not feeling very fair!) XE4 works fine for compiling some smaller projects and its helping with testing code for the Code Snippets Database. That said I think it's reasonable that a not inexpensive tool labelled "Professional" should be able to cope with a 450 unit project, just like its great grandparent parents did!


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