Starting work on CodeSnip v5

Just announcing that I'm about to start work on the next major update to CodeSnip, i.e. version 5.

So if you use CodeSnip 4 and have any new features you'd like to see in CodeSnip 5, now's the time to let me know. You can see the current requests, and make your own, using the Feature Request tickets on SourceForge. You can also up- or down- vote requests there.

I'm considering a radical overhaul of the way the program handles snippets - and will be trying to integrate the current read-only snippets downloaded from the Code Snippets Database with your own snippets more seemlessly.

The other main thrust will be the ability to more easily share snippets with others both directly and online.

If you think that's the right way to go please tell me, and suggest how you see it.

My aim is to get something working (a preview or a beta) by the year end the end of Q2, 2014. As ever, no promises! EDIT - timings have slipped. Why does everything always take longer than planned?!

And finally, anyone who wants to join the project will be welcome - just send me a message from my website's contact page.


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