New Website - App pages mock up

After having mocked up the branding (i.e. page header) for the new website I've now turned my attention to content.

After looking at some designs I like around the web I've come up with the following look and feel for the site's software pages. The mock-up is for one of my applications, but I'm considering using the same style for Delphi library projects.

Here's the 1st draft of the design as it displays on larger tablets and desktops:

And here's how it appears on mobiles or small tablets:

Finally, to anable comparison, here's the current site showing similar content for the same application:

What do you think? Any comments are welcome.


BillSTP said…
Looking good, I like it :-)

Bill St Pierre
Delphidabbler said…
Thanks Bill - that makes it encouraging to go ahead.


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