Oooo ... A New Theme

Thought it was about time the old blog got a bit of a dusting off and was brought screaming into 2020, or 2015 at the least.

I chose the new theme to be mobile friendly, because the old one wasn't. Other than making it look similar in colour to, and tweaking a few fonts, it's pretty much a standard Blogger template.

I'm sure I'll get to know if people hate it!!


  1. Just tried the new site on my Android phone browser. Looks good, user-friendly as advertised :-)

  2. As you wished: I hate it. ;-)

    No, really, it's fine. I have just the usual gripe with it: It wastes too much space for a background, displaying the content in a postage stamp sized window.

  3. Good point twm.

    I'll see how easy it is to tweak the theme. If I don't have to spend too long hacking it I'll try to reduce the background.


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