Another New Application for 2021

Following on from my announcement that I'm planning to start work on two new related apps fro 2021 I realised that the MIDIView app I announced will only test reading MIDI files, when the most important part of the main MathsNMusic application with respect to MIDI will be to write MIDI data. Duh!

So I've decided to add another little app to the list. This is one that I was originally planning as a web app and abandoned. It's called KeyNote and will display the notes of various musical scales and, crucially for researching MIDI, will play them.

There's a new GitHub repo for KeyNote too. It's delphidabbler/keynote.

EDIT: There maybe a change of plan - I got distracted!

Here's a mock up for the web app that I did several months ago in Figma:

And here's a provisional design in the Delphi IDE:

The piano keyboard component can wait: can't find an open source one, so it looks like I'll have to build one ... eventually!


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