Feelin' My Age (part 1): DelphiDabbler.com is 20 next year!

I've been feeling my age lately for several reasons. Maybe, I thought, it would be therapeutic to share!
Reason 1 is that it just dawned on me that my website, delphidabbler.com had been around since the early 2000s.

So I checked the internet archive, and sure enough, the domain was registered, and the holding page was up, on or before 2002/10/17. So it's 20 years old in just under a year's time. Must remember to celebrate! Party? Video? Endless self indulgent blog posts? Who knows!

Here's the first recorded page. It's the web host's holding page. Not very inspiring, but it was a start:

The first page with content was snapped by the Wayback Machine on 2002/11/19. Here it is, sans title image:

Interestingly, the colour scheme hasn't changed much in the intervening years. And, embarrassingly, the layout didn't change much until it's overhaul last year. Here's the last internet archive snapshot of the old site from 2020/05/10:


And that's the way it would have ended if not for the intervention of Jim McKeeth who got Zach Briggs involved. Zach went on to provide continued hosting on Creo Hosting, gratis, for which I'm extremely grateful. And look. It finally does mobile!

Well, when I say ”ended” some of the content would have (and does) live on on GitHub Pages, but the delphidabbler.com address would have been no more.

Anyhow, enough of this. Next time, another reason why I'm feeling my age!


BillSTP said…
20 Years ! Seems like only yesterday :-)

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