Problems with server: 2021/12/12 update - Not For Sale!

UPDATE: all fine now.

Difficulties with getting back on line are getting worse.

Now,  you may be seeing this page if you try to access either or

Firstly, I've not surrended the domain name, and I haven't forgotten to pay the bills! I still own it.

This problem affects because I've changed it to map to The problem is therefore with the domain and could be one of two issues:

  1. The change I made to the nameservers to reference GitHub Pages seems to be propagating very slowly or
  2. There's a problem at my domain hosting company - there's a DNS error being reported that I don't understand and that I'm trying to get tech support to address.
Unfortunately it looks like the site won't be available for at least another 24 to 48 hrs. Could even be worse if the suspected DNS problem is real and can't be resolved easily.

Watch this space.

Finally,  if you are seeing the proper site and it references GitHub Pages in the footer, please let me know in the comments below.


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