The Tips Are Back (sort of)

The Delphi Tips section of the old site didn't survive the redesign and move to the new host. I moved the the tips onto GitHub to prevent them from being lost.

Well, now they're back, after a fashion. Not delphidabbler.com just yet, but as a GitHub pages micro-site. Check it out at https://delphidabbler.github.io/delphi-tips.

There's no search as yet, but all 234 tips are there.

I do intend to reintegrate the site into delphidabbler.com one day, but given how much needs doing with the new site, who knows when that'll be.

So if anyone wants to improve the micro site, please fork delphidabbler/delphi-tips and code away!


Been and gone and moved!

Well that was a long haul!

I have just updated the delphidabbler.com nameservers to point at the new site

So now we wait a few hours for everything to propagate across the net and we're live on the new site.

And then we find out what broke in transition from the development server to the new production server!

So what's different?

A hell of a lot!

  • This is a ground up rewrite.
  • The site now plays nicely with phones and tablets.
  • Apart from www all the sub-domains have gone: no more snippets.delphidabbler.com, codesnip.delphidabbler.com, swag.delphidabbler.com or wiki.delphidabbler.com
  • Not all articles have made the move yet - they will do but it's time consuming. There are PDFs for the missing ones, for now.
  • The third party applications have gone.
  • Much stuff has been moved elsewhere. Some may be brought back, but much of it lives in a GitHub project somewhere. Browse my GitHub account at https://github.com/delphidabbler.
  • The news feeds have gone
  • The new site finally supports SSL so https:// should soon work on delphidabbler.com and www.delphidabbler.com

The reason a lot got stripped away is that after I first decided against closure I decided to use the free website hosting on GitHub. That meant stripping out anything that couldn't be converted to static HTML files. And a lot of stuff on the old site was dynamic and database driven.

It's only after I'd done all the prep for the static site that I was given the opportunity to move to a full blown server with a LAMP stack. So I can now try to bring some dynamic pages back to the site. But only after a major rewrite - the old code is a mess!

Big thank you

Having mentioned being "given" the opportunity to move to a proper server, it's time to give credit where it's due. So huge thanks to Zach of Creo Hosting who stepped into the breach to save the site from closure by generously donating the web server space. It was a really kind gesture of support for the Delphi community. Covid-19 slowed the process, but we made it with a few days to spare before the old server closes for good!!


Here are some pics of the new site running on the development server. I'm hoping that's how they look on the production site ;-)

First, here's the home page running in Chrome on Windows 10

And second, displaying the same page in Chrome's phone emulator.


Site move due 9 June 2020

The new web server for delphidabbler.com is up and running and just waiting for me to point the name servers at it

I'm doing that on 9 June.

So, the new site should start to replace the old one over the following couple of days as the change propagates across the net. Please refresh your browser's cache if the new site doesn't show up.

Note that the old server closes down sometime on 14 or 15 June, so if the new site does not appear by then, keep force-refreshing your browser.

As I've mentioned before, quite a bit of the old site's content will not be moved over - there's just not been time. The web apps may make a re-appearance in the future, but for now they're gone. Much of the info that does not make it onto the new site has been moved into various GitHub repositories so the data is not lost.

At long last the site is getting https enabled - the old server prohibited this but the new one allows it.